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The Information Technology Council's Subcommittee on Academic Technology Presents: The 2008 Instructional Technology Conference | The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning: Making IT Matter

April 10 (Pre-Conference Workshops) and April 11 (Conference) at the Holiday Inn, Boxborough, Massachusetts

Keynote Speaker: Chris Dede, Harvard University; Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Technology, Innovation, and Education Program, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University
Reinventing Teaching and Learning Using 21st Century Technologies
Advanced information and communications technologies are creating a flat world in which creative knowledge generation is the key resource, reshaping economic development strategies and educational approaches. This talk describes key 21st century skills that students must master, as well as strategies by which universities can inculcate these skills.

Conference Video: Opening Remarks (Time: about 9 minutes)
Conference Video: Keynote Address by Chris Dede (Time: 1 hour)

This year's Instructional Technology Conference, "The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Making IT Matter," added a half-day pre-conference gathering on April 10 with concurrent workshops devoted to the scholarship of teaching and learning and curriculum development in blended learning environments.

Both workshops, and the main conference with its concurrent sessions and poster demonstrations, were extremely well received. Chris Dede's keynote address, in particular, received rave reviews from conference attendees. You can watch the full keynote address at the link above. In the first, shorter video, you can see opening remarks by UMass faculty, administrators, and staff, including David Gray, CEO of UMassOnline.

At this year's conference, a trio of judges visited each of the poster demonstrations, judging them on criteria that were posted in advance on the conference website. Impressed by the overall high quality of all the posters, the judges found their task much more difficult than anticipated. But they agreed on several posters to receive awards.

Click here for a list of 2008's award winning poster demonstrations.

Visit the Session Abstracts and Presentations area of the wiki for more information on all concurrent sessions and poster demonstrations, including presentation files and links submitted by our presenters.

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